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Thanks all 800+ of you! XD. You guys make this possible. And I <3 all you followers and I hope for many more. I made this little animation just for you guyz.

with- Lunabotic
Jerky Hooves
Rainbow Dash’s Mailbag
The Apple Twins
The Great and Drunk Trixie
Banana Pie
Lyrabot (from Robot Octavia)
Ask Celestia Stuff
Chrysalis Army
Pinkie Tai
Bubble Pop
Rainbow Factor Scootaloo
Lola Cloudmaker
Seapony Luna
Ditto Prize
Ronin Applejack
King Sombra
Inkie Heart
Shiny the Slime

ZOMG! Spectacular, Thank You For Including Us And Congratz On Your 800 Followers And We Hope That You Make Many Many More.